New Mac version

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New Mac version

Postby DPSoftware » Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:16 am

A new Mac version is released today. The most important feature is that saving designs works in folders with non-western characters in the folder name. There were already no restrictions on the actual design name.

The view at 200% zoom is also improved. The techniques used will be extended to provide for any zoom level in a future update. Currently zoom is restricted to a whole number of pixels per stitch.

Registered users can check for updates from the Help menu of the program.

Registration is at

Please note that the best way to print from the Mac version is to use Preview first and then print from the OS X preview application. It seems there is better support for many printers directly from OS X (for example preview) than using the printer drivers available for 3rd party applications. Any printer settings you set for the printer will be used in generating the preview except that if the resolution is below 150 DPI then it will create the preview at 300 DPI. This allows good resolution on printers that have drivers that do not support the full resolution of the printer. Note that the preview is scaleable (pdf) and not set to a specific resolution. The resolution used only affects the placement of items on the page and not their quality.
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