Indicate "Used Bckstch colors" in "Change Symbols" dialogue?

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Indicate "Used Bckstch colors" in "Change Symbols" dialogue?

Postby AmberSky » Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:24 pm

Is there some way to easily display, within the "Backstitch" tab of the "Change Symbols" dialogue, which Backstitch Colors are actually being used?

More information (My apologies for the slight disjoint of what follows):

CONTEXT: For some reason, some of my backstitches are set to print as "white"---which shows up visually as *nothing* in the style sheet of the "change symbols" dialogue (or on the printed chart, for that matter)(Can a click box be added that says something like, "Never allow white as a backstitch print color", or perhaps a default unassigned backstitch print color be set to something other than white? lol)]

What I'm seeing in the Change Symbols Backstitch tab is a display of an entire palette of all colors used in the document, with no easy or immediate way that I can figure out to identify which colors have actually been used as backstitch. [Like, for example, little white indicators in the corners that are the same as the indicators in the main palette.]

I'm having to click on each individual color just to see the name of the color, (or if maybe it already has a print color assigned to it), then exit out of the change symbols dialogue and go back to the main chart's palette, scrounge around in the left palette to identify which of the colors have been used in backstitch, then return to the "Change Symbols dialogue, click on each individual color again until I find the right color, then assign a different printing color to that backstitch. It's tedious in every way, and I'm beginning to feel I must be missing something.

I mean, if within the "Change Symbols" dialogue, the same little white symbols were to appear in the corners of the swatches on the color palette that appear on the main palette, that would help a LOT.

Is there a way to see which backstitch colors have been used directly from within the Change Symbols dialogue without having to click through every blasted color? :)

(Or without having to print a key.)

I'd love to be enlightened. :)
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Re: Indicate "Used Bckstch colors" in "Change Symbols" dialo

Postby DPSoftware » Thu Feb 16, 2017 1:03 pm

The next update will show the used colour indicators in the change symbols dialog. If you are on the print colours tab then it will show all used colours, if you are on the backstitch tab, it will show colours used by backstitches, otherwise it will show colours used by cross stitches.

I can change the default custom backstitch style to solid black but these are setings in the design file. That means it will be a change to the default.xsp file and will only change if you do not have your own custom default design and you choose to overwrite the templates when you update. Existing designs will need to be changed manually.

There is an "Auto assign" button on the backstitch tab of the change symbol dialog. This will assign a different black linestyle to each colour that is used for backstitch. I will modify this in the next update to also assign solid black to the remaining colours.
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